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 "In the name of God"

The quality management of policy statement

Araz Sanat Asia Company as a reliable organization in the field of manufacturing compressor package and rotary equipment parts (turbine, pump, compressor and turbo expander).

This organization is committed to bellow principles with making process oriented thought in all of the organization levels for performing legal items and observing technical and qualitative principles and also customer orientation.

1.On time delivery product or offering service; customers relationship management (CRM); the product sales with competitive price; offering the product or service according to the update technical knowledge.

2.Genesis of new products and improvement available productive process; research, development and promotion of engineering abilities with achievement to related technical knowledge.

3.Permanent improvement and management systems effectiveness promotion; management of optimized source at the same time with efficiency promotion.

4.Prevention of environmental pollution; accident, injury and illness related to job.

5.Improvement of energy operation through: obligation of legal necessities in the field of energy; purchasing products and services of energy high efficiency; improvement of effective process of energy consumption.

6.Observation of national and international standards and effort for customer`s satisfaction.

7.Development of Human resources by employment of trained and skillful employees especially in executive department.

8. Providing of suitable and friendly workplace and intercommunity between employees.

9. Extension of using information and communication technology and optimized utilization of available equipment.

10.Permanent Improvement qualitative levels of operation for achievement to the major and newer markets.

11.Preparing of cooperation situation with international reliable companies.

This company for achievement of above mentioned principles performs the quality management system according to ISO9001:2005 standard in all of the levels and is undertaking to improvement that permanently. The organization specifics qualitative goals yearly and efforts to achievement them.

Directing Manager
Ali Bagherpour


Quality is a philosophy which runs throughout all of ASACO's activities. Product quality is active the entire product cycle, coordinating all the various operations aimed to guarantee product conformance to required standards. Specific procedures are applied, ranging from suppliers and supply qualification and control to periodic product quality audits. Tasks include qualification of incoming materials and release of production batches, and more generally speaking, "inspections designed to guarantee correct application of the specified production equipment".


ASACO Engineering Department prepares complete technical documentation (Feed / Basic/ Detail & as built ) and offers following thermal and mechanical design using international design software, such as Hysys , Compressor calculation software , Turbine simulation software , Solid works , Cosmos , Fluent , B-Jack, PV-elite, Tank supplemented by ASACO's in-house developed computer programs and Auto Cad detailed drawings. Design and fabrication will be according to API & ASME code.


            Working area:

  • Total workshop area 5000 square meter.
  • Office 340 square meter at two places.
  • Maximum weight: 30 Tons
  • Production capacity: 2300 Tons/Year (spare parts & package)     
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