Repair of compressors , pump , turbines , turboexpander :
 ASA Company provides warranty and post-warranty repair of compressor & turbine equipment, as well as repair of other manufacturers equipment.

All repair works have warranty period. This period is determined by the type of repair.
The parts used are of our production, or analogs of the leading manufacturers.

Introduction of ability coating metal spray for Turbine, pump and compressor parts.

The ability of coating metal spray for Turbine, pump and compressor parts are as bellow:

constructing spare parts with using necessary facilities by reversing engineering method, coating parts and repairing the different kinds of compressors, pumps and turbines. we succeeded repairing, rebuilding and fundamental service the foreign packages for offering optimized services to Industries. Also the after sales service unit would be at your service for repairing, engineering and procurement spare parts permanently.

1.Services in the field of coating

2.Rebuilding all of the Industries machinery spare parts related to the steel, textile, petrochemical, power plants etc.

3.Rebuilding and Retrofitting parts by using advanced technology of metal spray.

Metal spray is one of the special process in the advanced industries that was established in 1910. this technology with expanding different requirements has encountered to impressive improvements.

In this process after choosing metal or alloy according to the technical specifications and the kind of part has been melted by using gas or electric arc and changes to form of tiny article and splashes on the surface of part with high speed and intensive impact.

Whereas during this process, the temperature of part will not increase more than 200˚C it is not affected by tension and part will not encountered to any physical changes.

Applications :

Most of the industrial machinery parts that are usually so expensive would be depreciate, because of friction, Corrosion or other destructive environmental effects and should be replaced inevitably.

Metal spray or surface coating technology according to the diversity of raw material that are available to form of wire or powder is able to recovery detrition and making 150 kinds of coating that are listed as bellow:

·         Stainless steel

·         Colorful metals include of: copper, aluminum, zinc and the different kinds of bronze

·         Tungsten carbide

·         Carbon steels

·         Alloys of nickel and cobalt

·         Fireproof coatings and ceramics

The applicable above coating items are a lot, in summary: impact resistant, heat, oxidation, acidic or chemical material and also coatings for surface hardening.

The outer surface of roller, drive shaft, combustion chamber of turbines, blades and diaphragms surfaces of the turbines, shafts of turbines and compressors, hydraulic and electromechanical axes. The inter surfaces of different kinds of cylinders, crusts, bearings, seals, liberoes and Generally, surface all of the machinery were restored.

Araz Sanat Asia Co., equipped with skillful experts and experience more than 25 years in the field of surface coating technology and also argon welding is able to rebuild the parts according to the International standards.

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