Screw Compressor Package
ASA Co. is air and gas compressor company based in Germany with a plant in Tehran, Iran. Founded in 2006, with over 50 employees. Our company is to provide exceptional customer service coupled
with quality products and energy saving solutions.

ASA’s primary businesses focus in following of Compressor package:
· Oil-injected rotary screw compressors (Belt driven and Direct driven. Fixed speed and Variable speed. High, Normal and Low pressure)
· Portable screw air compressors (Diesel-powered and Electric motor powered)
· Oil free air compressors (Scroll type, Dry type and Water-lubricated type)
· Air treatment equipment (Air dryers, Air filters and Air receiver tank)
3 ) Download catalog of screw compressor package  (oil free)
4) Download catalog of screw compressor package  (oil injected)