Spare parts shipment - for compressors , turbines , pump , turboexpander :
Introduction of ability :

ASA Co. (Araz Sanat Asia) has been established in year 1385 and till now have done more than 99- thousand-hour person for Designing, Simulation, Analysis, fault detection, Production of spare parts in method Reverse Engineering, Detailed Engineering and Purchasing Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Pre-launch and Setting Up, Repair and maintenance Rotary Equipment (Turbine, Compressor, Turo Expander, Pump), Industrial Automation and Standard Calibration and also Professional-Practical Training in the field of Fault Detection Rotary Equipment, Control Systems, Electricity and Instrumentation and Industrial Automation for oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry, Defense Industries, Automobile Manufacturing, Steel and Metals Molting.

This company has constructed spare parts with using necessary facilities by reversing engineering method and has repaired the different kinds of compressors, pumps and turbines. we have succeeded repairing, rebuilding and fundamental service the foreign packages for offering optimized services to Industries. Also the after sales service unit would be at your ready for repairing, engineering and procurement spare parts permanently.

Fundamental designing and building services of this company are as bellow in summary:

·         Designing and manufacturing lubricated & non lubricated reciprocating compressors up to 75 KW (ASA Co. compressor with accessories according to the employer vendor list)

·         Designing, performance and packaging reciprocating gas compressors (Horizontal) under license of Ariel American company (two, four and six cylinders’ compressors) and after sales service for packages

·         Designing and manufacturing screw gas and air compressors (oil free & oil injected) up to 132 KW (Air End from GU German company and accessories according to the employer vendor list)

Reversing engineering services of this company are as bellow:

1.      Designing and manufacturing all of the dynamic and static parts for piston compressors include of:

·         Suction and discharge valves

·         Piston & Piston rod

·         Cylinder

·         Cylinder liner

·         Packings and graffiti rings, metal and bronze & Rider/Piston ring

·         Cross head & shoe

·        Connecting rod

·         Crankshaft

·         Crankcase

2.      Designing and manufacturing all of the dynamic and static parts for centrifugal compressors include of:

·         Shaft

·         Closed type and open type impellers

·         Inductor

·         Diffuser & Diaphragm

3.      Designing and manufacturing steam mechanical turbine parts include of:

·         Blade

                  ·         Rotor set

·         Shaft

·         Diaphragm

                  ·         Labyrinth
                  ·         Combustion chamber
                  ·         Sealing
 4.      Designing and manufacturing turboexpanders full package.   

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