Design & calculation and simulation for Rotating & Fixed equipment

ASACO  Engineering Department prepares complete technical documentation (Feed / Basic/ Detail & as built ) and offers following thermal and mechanical design using international design software, such as Hysys , Compressor calculation software , Turbine simulation software , Solid works , Abaqus , Fluent , B-Jack, PV-elite, Tank , e-plan , intools , Simatic manager supplemented by ASACO's in-house developed computer programs and Auto Cad detailed drawings. Design and fabrication will be according to API & ASME code .
  • Engineering
The ASA® Advantage:
Complete customer-specific development of high quality and highly efficient Compressor & Turbines from an experienced and independent company.
  • ASA is with you through the entire process.
ASA engineers first check the feasibility of the turbine & compressor concept to make sure the development is headed in the right direction. This includes thermal & mechanical calculations, simulations and power curves.
Once the concept has been verified, ASA co. engineering will proceed with the design process. Each critical process is verified and checked through finite element analysis to assure its validity. We cater to customers' unique needs and request and fulfill al local standards and requirements.
All designs, including calculations and documentation, adhere to strict certification standards including IEC and API and ASME. Along with the complete design comes a full set of documents for purchasing, quality assurance, assembly operation and maintenance of the turbine & compressor.
ASA also offers core components for the electrical system including pitch, control and converter systems that are IEC certified, making procurement of parts even easier.
Once the concept has turned into reality, ASAco. will verify simulated results with live measurements to make sure all customer requirements are met. Once the turbine & compressor is fully certified, ASAco. offers support for assembling, factory test, on-site commissioning and performance optimization.

  • ASA is determined to support you in making your vision ready for series production of valid manufacture .
  • ASA Expertise for Your Turbine & compressor Project
  • Mechanical Engineering Services
- Calculations: Complete calculations to API & ASME and IEC 61400, and optional DIN standards, including the certification process.
- Turbine & compressor components: Design, calculation, optimization and certification of complete turbines&compressors or individual components.
- Fixed equipment :
Calculation and design of :
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger&Air cooler
Pressure Vessel
Fired Heater

- Documentation: Manufacturing drawings and bills of materials, documents for purchasing, quality assurance, assembly, operation and maintenance.

- Measurements: Specification and support regarding measurements (loads, power curve and noise) on turbines & compressor and comparison with simulations.

- Training and support: All necessary training for assembly, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and localization.

  • Electrical Engineering Services

- Control systems: Design, simulation, implementation and optimization, including special control

- Power converters: Design, simulation, implementation and optimization of variable-speed electrics

- Pitch systems: Design, simulation, implementation and optimization of electrical pitch systems and supply

- Electrical systems: Complete design of the electrical systems for a turbine compressor to IEC and Germanischer Lloyd standards, including the certification process.

- Documentation: Testing, quality assurance, assembly, operation and maintenance

- Commissioning: Workshop and field tests and optimization of turbines & compressor.

  • Software Engineering Services

 ASA designs include:

- Control system, consisting of PLC control (the PLC controls the converters and all sub¬components), converter software/ parameters and pitch system software/ parameters, offers multilingual support

 -Data processing/analyzing system, called wtDataCenter, collects and analyzes recorded data from several wind farms

- Condition monitoring system, called wtCMS, tracks and reports the condition of main shaft bearings, generator and gearbox bearings and gearbox teeth to closely monitor the reliability and availability of turbines&compressor .