Spare Pats

Service of compressors , turbines , turboexpander , nitrogen generators , gas separating equipment

 ASA Company offers repair and service of compressors & turbine and gas separation equipment.

The work is performed at the time agreed with the Customer, so you can plan loading equipment in advance. Qualified and timely service carried out by our experts:
• increases the service life of equipment,
• avoids premature equipment damage,
• thereby increasing the profitability of your equipment.


We are leading manufacturers and exporters of compressor ( all types ) & Turbine & Turboexpander spare parts and accessories Quality replacement .

Spare parts shipment - for compressors , turbines , turboexpander , nitrogen generators and other gas equipment

ASA Company manufactures and supplies spare parts for all compressors & turbine & turboexpander , as well as for many other manufacturers models.
In our stock a wide range of common spare parts is always available. In case of needed part absence – we produce it in short period of time.
Our spare parts prices – are competitive, delivery time is minimal. The quality of our production is guaranteed.
Make a request for the required spare parts - call customer service +98 21-66047830 , or write an email to

Repair of compressors , turbines , turboexpander and gas separation equipment

ASA Company provides warranty and post-warranty repair of compressor & turbine equipment, as well as repair of other manufacturers equipment.
All repair works have warranty period. This period is determined by the type of repair.
The parts used are of our production, or analogs of the leading manufacturers.
To make a request for repairs - call customer service +98 21-66047830 , or write an email to

  Maintenance contract

ASA Company offer you to strike a maintenance contract – for servicing your compressor & turbine equipment. This saves you from unexpected breakdowns, increases the service life of your equipment. The maintenance contract may include:
• Regular technical maintenance of compressor & turbine equipment ;
• Service of customer's compressor equipment with the warranty ;
• Extend the warranty period up to 10 years from the date of commissioning, at the time of the maintenance contract.
Call the Customer service +98 21-66047830 , or write an email to

 Equipment installation and putting into operation

 ASA Company offers installation of its equipment the equipment of other manufacturers.

If the equipment is staffed with compressor units and turbine of other manufacturers , the ASA takes full warranty on the equipment.
We are ready to completely solve your requirement in the selection, purchase, implementation and maintenance of compressor & turbine equipment . Services offered :
• Pneumatic system audition , installation and reconstruction;
• Installation of compressor & turbine & turboexpander equipment;
• Commissioning procedures.

 Also: personnel training


ASA Company offers your personnel training - to work with compressor & turbine equipment.
Upon completion of training – the certificate is granted. The specialization assigned is: "The operator of transport compressor stations & tubine package and nitrogen plants".
Further, additional personnel training on your compressor & turbine equipment is possible.
Requests for service, availability of spare parts and other service questions – send by email