Steam Turrbine & Gas Turbine

With over fifteen years of experience we support and assist our customers with advanced engineering, production and quality expertise. Through optimal application of technology and proven expertise, ASA Co. Turbo Blading is unmatched in its ability to produce the blades in shortest turnaround with competitive prices. 
 We specialize in Rotor and Stator:
  • HP, IP & LP Blades (High, Intermediate and Low Pressure)
  • Diaphragms for steam turbines both in Welded and Solid Design
  • Curtis Blades
  • LP-0, LP-1. LP-2, LP-3, LP-4, LP-5 etc
  • Nozzles & Nozzle Rings 
  • Leit- & Laufschaufels 
  • Segments 
  • Spacers
  • Shrouds & Shrouded Blade Design 
  • Accessories such as Fish Plates   
  • Combining the competency and expertise of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with the flexibility and resourcefulness of an Independent Service Provider is the ASA Co. Multi - OEM Gas Turbine capability. ASA Co. is a full service provider to gas turbine.                                                            
Our dedicated R&D organization offers quick solutions and long term improvements thanks to research that has produced over 5 patents.  We develop our own high-technology parts and service solutions to significantly reduce maintenance life-cycle costs by making plant owners' gas turbines more reliable, flexible and efficient.
Our global repair, field service, controls and monitoring & diagnostic (m&d) capabilities support customers with transactional service needs allowing us to offer comprehensive service packages in flexible long-term agreements tailored to each plant.  and our repair capabilities can outperform the original equipment manufacturer (oem) on life extension technology introduction and repair yields.  

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